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The music for this page is: "Green, Green Grass of Home", dedicated to a beautiful and loving Collie whose life was snuffed out by RIMADYL in Norway.

The wonderdrug against reumatisme !!!!!

My lovely Sammie

Born: March 13, 1993

Died: January 17, 2006

This is a horror-story about not just any Collie, but my dearest friend Sammie who died after taking 8 ½ tablett of det NSAID-drug Rimadyl

Sammie was a healthy Collie that was killed by side-effects of Rimadyl.

Sammie is a Collie, age 12 year and 9 months at the time she got the drug. She is a little reumatic, but no worse then that and she can play with the other two Collies in the family. She is with us on all our walks and still in training, although she is retired from competitions.

After a heavy and a little rough playing with the other two she has a swollen shoulder and in more pain then usual. And at our visit to the veterinarian Friday December 16, 2005 she was prescribed Rimadyl chewing tablets 50 mg. She would be taking 1 tablet in the morning and ½ in the afternoon. Her weight is 21.3 kg

Eventually side effects I was told was : vomiting and diarrea - and if this should accur - stop giving the drug. No other side-effect was mentioned.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday went by, I thought she was a little bit stiffer....

Monday, December 19: She is worse then she was on Friday.
Tuesday, December 20: After contacting the vet again I was told to increase her dose with 1 tablet - I increased it with ½. This day she got 2 tablets.

I am now starting to suspect her problems to be side-effects from Rimadyl. Unfortunately the trust in the veterinarians is very high.

Wednesday, December 21, she had a total collapse.  New contact with the vet - she should be taken off of Rimadyl

Thursday night December 22, 02.00 a.m. Sammie is in extreme pain, had to contact vet again. And as I coldn’t get hold of my own I had to call one in my area. After explaining the symptoms for him - his advice was to give her another Rimadyl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which she of course didn’t get.

Later same day we were at our regular vets.  She got Cimetidin for her stomach bleeding and some antibiotics.
A special «harness» was sewn so we could help her up

Sammie had NONE of the side-effect’s that are standing on the sheet, BUT her side-effects started with stiffness in her body and problem with her balance.  Monday, January 9, 2006: Sammie's progress continues.  She is now on 20 mg. Prednisone.  I am terrified of new bleedings, but until now it seems that it is going the right way.  We had some "ups and downs" and we increased her dose of Prednisone, but these small steps of progress was all there at the time.  Sammie is a real fighter and we all thought she would pull it through.

Monday, January 16, 2006:  After a lovely walk she was suddenly getting worse in the evening/night, and on Tuesday, January 17th I had to let her go.  I got to keep her 12 years, 10 months and 4 days.  She taught me so much and she gave me everything.

It's heartbreaking to know that without this drug she would still be alive and the knowledge of having killed her with this drug is unbearable.

If YOU suspect side effects from Rimadyl - DO NOT trust the vet to report it - do it yourself. In Norway : Orion Pharma, Veterinæravdelingen,
Box 4366 Nydalen, 0402 Oslo, Tlf : +47 40 00 42 10

It’s a good idea to also write a journal with every symptom that you see.  You may read Sammie's journal at:

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  -

no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


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