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EDITORIAL COMMENT:  While thousands of Pets and People continue to DIE, all of these clowns continue with "business as usual".  We TRUST and PAY doctors and veterinarians to know what they're doing when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, but how can they possibly know what they're doing when apparently their only source of information/training comes from the drug industry and is not questioned because the agency, paid by tax dollars, and charged with "protecting the public" is totally corrupted ? The "solution" to the problem is definitely not putting a 'cap' or limit on lawsuit recovery!
But don't dispair: the economy for both the advertising and funeral businesses are doing well - see DEPARTED.htm and
Wake up and smell the coffee -
the whole house is burning down!

American Medical Association calls for wholesale reforms of the FDA


In a strongly worded editorial in JAMA, the AMA says, "It is
unreasonable to expect that the same agency that was responsible for approval of drug licensing and labeling would also be committed to actively seek evidence to prove itself wrong." In other words, the Journal of the American Medical Association is saying that we can't trust the FDA to investigate itself. Clearly, the FDA's credibility is all but destroyed after revelations that the agency helped cover up the dangers of prescription drugs like Vioxx, which ultimately have led to the injury and even death of potentially hundreds of thousands of Americans.
The agency has quite clearly sought to protect the profits of drug
companies at the expense of public health. It has ignored its own
drug safety scientists such as chief drug safety researcher Dr. David Graham, who was silenced by the FDA for years as he attempted to warn the public about the dangers of Vioxx, Bextra and other drugs.
* * * * * * *
Whistleblower Muzzled
A prominent drug safety expert has been removed from a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meeting on Vioxx and other arthritis drugs because of comments he made this week suggesting that the entire class of medications may be unsafe.
Curt D. Furberg, a member of the FDA's drug safety advisory
committee, was told Thursday that an invitation to participate in the panel's key February meeting had to be rescinded because of
an "intellectual conflict of interest."
Furberg said yesterday he was concerned that "higher-ups" in the FDA wanted to silence him. Furberg had said publicly this week that he thought Bextra, made by Pfizer Inc., was as bad as Vioxx or worse when it comes to cardiovascular risk. . . . that made him unsuited for the advisory committee that would be weighing that question.

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Meanwhile, back at the "ranch" . . .
from: Lester Crawford claims Food and Drug Administration is a huge success

Lester M. Crawford, Acting Commissioner of the FDA, defends the FDA's position that it is using sound judgment and good science when dealing with drug safety.

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