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EDITORIAL:  for those who have become aware of the deadly effects of RIMADYL, it would appear that there is still possibly a large amount of this drug in warehouses and/or returned by those "ethical" veterinarians who figured out basic "cause and effect" and aren't purchasing new orders for use by unsuspecting pet owners.   Apparently the drug industry,  with the assistance of the FDA/CVM, has figured out a nifty solution to continue manufacturing and marketing "carprofen" by doing so "generically".  This solution can be expected to continue the death toll and health damage to pets whose owners became wise to the risks/dangers of "carprofen" and refused to allow RIMADYL to be used.   This provides the opportunity to keep "carprofen" making money on the market with a "new name" and to possibly start off "fresh" as far as the FDA/CVM's ADE [adverse drug event] reports are concerned while allowing those veterinarians who are either unethical and/or "allegedly unaware" of the risks/dangers of this drug to continue to "grow their practice" by using it.  

It is also not yet known whether any of the FDA/CVM  mandated risk/danger information, previously supplied to veterinarans, and usually NOT given to pet owners about RIMADYL,  in it's new "generic" form will be provided to veterinarians, much less to pet owners, via any "CIS" [client information sheets].  Ginger Sanchez

posted: 5/13/05: The "brand" name of the generic version of RIMADYL has now been identified as:


As the generic chemical name (carprofen) has not been changed, it is not known how, if at all, the FDA/CVM will be adding the health damage/death toll to their ADE [adverse drug event] reports.

5/23/05:  Attorneys representing the the interests of the company now distributing NOVOX (carprofen) do not want the previously posted Internet advertisement with the product picture used on this website, therefore it has been removed.  To visit their website:



FDA OKs Impax Generic of Dog
Monday May 2, 12:46 pm ET
FDA Approves Impax Laboratories' Generic Version of Dog Painkiller Made by Pfizer

HAYWARD, Calif. (AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration approved Impax Laboratories Inc.'s generic version of Pfizer Inc.'s Rimadyl painkiller for dogs, the pharmaceutical company said Monday.

The anti-inflammatory drug -- also called carpofen -- is used by to treat canine arthritis and post-surgery pain. Impax's approval covers 25 milligram, 75 milligram, and 100 milligram caplets.

Impax said total U.S. sales of Rimadyl were about $84 million in 2004, citing Market Dynamics data. Caplet sales accounted for about $22 million of that figure, the company said. Pfizer also has approval to sell the drug in chewable tablets and as an injection.

The company said it will sell the product through veterinary distributor Vedco Inc., which plans to begin marketing the generic caplets immediately.

Impax Laboratories shares fell 10 cents to $16.17 in midday trading on the Nasdaq.

google search for Impax:

Generic Pharmaceutical Products

IMPAX has developed a portfolio of generic pharmaceuticals through the filing of Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs). Our generic product development strategy is based on a combination of speed to filing and a legal strategy primarily predicated upon non-infringement of established brand name pharmaceuticals.

Our generic products are marketed through strategic alliances as well as through our own generics division, Global Pharmaceuticals. Global sells the products to an established customer base, which includes large pharmaceutical wholesalers, chain drug stores, mass merchandisers and mail order pharmacies.

Our generic product development strategy is based on two opportunities we've identified in the generic pharmaceutical marketplace:

Controlled-release Generic Products
Through our controlled-release drug delivery technologies and formulation skills we develop bioequivalent versions of selected brand name pharmaceuticals. Controlled-release pharmaceuticals generally have technically challenging drug delivery requirements. We employ our proprietary processes and formulation expertise to develop products that reproduce the brand name productís physiological characteristics, but do not infringe upon the brand productís patents..

Specialty Generic Products
Products that present one or more competitive barriers to entry, such as difficulty sourcing raw material, complex formulation or development characteristics, or special handling requirements.

Global Pharmaceuticals. Global sells the products to an established customer base, which includes large pharmaceutical wholesalers, chain drug stores, mass merchandisers and mail order pharmacies.
"Every member of our team is dedicated to the success and profitability of our customers."

Buyer BEWARE - your pet's life depends on it!

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


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