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page, which is devoted to telling his ongoing story of somehow managing to survive "vaccinosis" despite a whole bunch of thoroughly incompetent veterinarian "care". 

This page has been created with the sole purpose of encouraging folks to THINK and to QUESTION what you are paying a veterinarian to do TO your beloved pet because you want to believe that your "trust" has not been misplaced and to make your own wise choices about your pet's life/health before a needless and preventable tragedy occurs.

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This page was created due to the inspiration from the e-mail posting I received, below, which also appears on the ADE-Report and ADEs Memorial page 3 of this site.


Informational Internet Survey

1: state your e-mail address:
2: pet's name/species/breed/sex/age:
Mikey/Canine/Weimaraner/2 1/2
3: what 'drug' [or vaccination] was your pet was given [Rimadyl, ProHeart6, Deramaxx, puppy shots, rabies, etc.] that resulted in an ADE [adverse drug reaction], and if known, the drug manufacturer name: 
Multiple Vaccines

4: the approximate date of the event:
First vaccinations November 14, 2002    
5: the adverse reaction[s] YOU observed and/or became aware of [nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, inability to walk, gastric ulceration, liver failure, kidney damage, death, lethargy, aggression, etc.] - please list ALL known and/or suspected symptoms/conditions:
(These symptoms appeared over a period of two years) The first time we saw Mikey he had a skin condition, the breeder (a veterinarian) said it was due to being in a kennel with a concrete floor. He said the concrete was constantly being sprayed with water and it was not unusual for the puppies to get a rash. After examining Mikey our vet agreed with that statement. We continued with the puppy vaccination schedule. He received the last of the series of puppy vaccinations in February of 2003. He began having bouts of itchy paws. He would lick his paws until they were raw, bleeding and often so swollen that it was so painful he had difficulty walking. He was a very intelligent pup and was extremely easy to train. At approximately six months of age he began developing behavior problems and at one point was totally out of control even though we continued to attempt to train and control him. Then he began vomiting immediately after every meal. He had bouts of diarrhea and constipation. Then his skin broke out with what looked like a cross between hives and acne. His skin became dry and flaky, his fur became very coarse and fell out. He had a horrible odor about him even minutes after we bathed him. He was treated for ear infections on several occasions. His muscles deteriorated, he became very emaciated and weak. He was lethargic and could not tolerate exercise or cold. He lost weight because his appetite dissipated. He refused to drink water. He had episodes where he seemed to be very spacey. Often times he suddenly appeared as if “the lights were on but no one was home.” The smallest scratch or scrape would result in a tremendous amount of bleeding. One day he had a very small scratch / cut on his paw, it was so small we couldn't even find it but there was so much blood on our kitchen floor it literally looked like a crime scene. His nose became dry and crusty and it would crack and bleed if we did not keep oil on it. He became very clingy and insisted on one of us being with him at all times. It wasn't enough for us to be in the same room, one of us actually had to be touching him or he would tremble uncontrollably. At times, while resting he would breath hard as if he had been running and I could see his chest pounding with every heartbeat. Even being aware of all these symptoms the vets kept telling us his problem was “allergies” and continued to “treat” him accordingly. Mikey’s condition grew worse and worse. As of this date Mikey was treated by a total of NINE vets. Out of those nine vets only ONE was able to accurately diagnose and treat him. I am forced to believe that I have either witnessed an extremely rare medical case or I have witnessed one of the veterinary community's best kept dirty little secrets. 

6: What State, Country or Provence this occurred in:
7: Whether or not your veterinarian informed you of the potential/possible risks/side effects BEFORE dispensing the named drug/vaccination, stating whether such information was provided verbally and/or in written form: 
Nothing was ever discussed with me and no written information was provided. In fact, In September of 2003, Mikey began vomiting profusely after every meal. He couldn't even drink water without it upsetting his stomach. We took him to the vet. The vet instructed us to wait in the room while he took Mikey down the hall for an x-ray. He came back and discussed the x-ray with us and recommended exploratory stomach surgery. He neglected to tell us that while our pup was having an x-ray he had taken the liberty of vaccinating our SICK pup five months early and without our knowledge. Mikey had already been fully vaccinated and was up to date with ALL of his vaccinations. The shot record was in his file! I believe the almighty $$$$ prompted that action.
8: Where you learned about the potential/possible risks/side effects of the drug/vaccination [i.e.,, group list, friend, Internet research, TV/news, etc.]: 
After eight vets and spending a small fortune on vet bills and drugs I could see that Mikey’s condition was only getting worse. I got on the internet and began researching his symptoms with hope of finding some answers and saving his life. I hit the jackpot! There's an incredible amount of information out there. I read some articles written by vets on the subject of vaccinosis. I contacted one of those vets and scheduled an appointment. Mikey was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease, hemophilia, severe allergies and liver & pancreatic disorders. We have the lab and the pathology reports to support this diagnosis. The vet discussed vaccine injuries with us and indicated that he does believe vaccine caused Mikey’s autoimmune system to stop functioning properly. Although Mikey was diagnosed with five different disorders they are nothing more than mere symptoms of a damaged autoimmune system, a condition that can manifest itself in many different forms.  
9: State whether or not you would still have allowed the drug/vaccination to be given to your pet had you KNOWN of the potential/possible risks/side effects:
NO! I was never even told about any possible side effects or that any of those shots were optional. One vet was bold enough to vaccinate him without ever even discussing it with us. The rabies vaccination is required by law so legally I would have been forced to agree to that one. Mikey cannot and will not ever be vaccinated again even for rabies because there is a very high probability that it would kill him. He has a letter of exemption from our vet and extremely well trained humans who will fight with a vengeance to protect him.   
10: The original reason you took your pet to the veterinarian [toenail clipping, vaccinations, injury, any symptoms]:
Mikey had been given the first of his puppy vaccinations before we brought him home. We did not know he was already showing signs of a reaction to the vaccine and neither did the vet so we continued with the recommended vaccination schedule for puppies. (This all took place over a period of two years.) Yes, it took that long to find a vet who was knowledgeable and willing to discuss the truth about Mikey’s mysterious illness. Originally he was seen for the initial puppy check up and routine vaccinations. Then he was examined by several vets because of severe itching problems. After that he was seen by many vets (total of NINE) for a multitude of symptoms displayed at various times. Mikey is now 2 ½ years old and is still undergoing treatment.
11: How was your pet's health/life affected after taking this drug? Over a two year period he had over twenty symptoms. The question about the impact it had on his health/life is a loaded one! It's very complicated. Although he has won the battle for his life he still lives in constant danger. One bite of the wrong food can cause a major setback. Then, as you will see there are other much more serious threats to his life that can be eliminated but I can't do it alone. 
His health continues to be an ongoing issue and probably will be for the rest of his life. He is still undergoing treatment. He cannot be vaccinated again or he will most likely die. He can't eat any packaged foods because of the preservatives. He can’t tolerate flea control products. He seemed to be allergic to most of the prescriptions he was given (with the exception of steroids) again I assume that is partially due to the additives and preservatives. I feel his life is in constant danger because our lawmakers have neglected to make adequate provisions to protect sick and elderly companion animals (see note below - disturbing information). 
Note: Mikey has been through a horrible ordeal. We suffered constant mental anguish for many, many months and have paid tremendous vet bills in an effort to save the boy’s life. (Keep in mind the rabies virus is transmitted through saliva.) Just when we thought the battle was over we learned that due to the County Codes where we live if Mikey ever so much as scratches a human while playing and with NO vicious intent he will be confiscated and taken to Animal Control to serve a ten day quarantine. A vaccinated dog would be allowed to serve the ten day quarantine at home but they will confiscate my sick dog because he is not vaccinated - they know he is not vaccinated because he is SICK. They feel his unvaccinated status clearly justifies their decision to classify him as a potentially rabid animal. (What happened to the part about he has to bitten by a rabid animal in order to get the disease? This dog NEVER goes outside without his human and has no contact with wildlife or stray animals.) If Animal Control ever confiscated him he would be exposed to potentially diseased animals. He would be fed dog food and it would make him vomit profusely and if he survives they WILL vaccinate him before relinquishing him to us. Animal Control knows the vaccine packaging states that the product “can be safely administered to HEALTHY ANIMALS" they are aware this pup has a compromised immune system, they know a vet who is licensed by the State of Florida has issued documentation stating that vaccinating this pup could be detrimental to his health. Even though they know there is absolutely no chance of our dog having the rabies virus and their actions could and probably would kill our beloved pup they DO NOT CARE. They will jeopardize my pup’s life in the name of “rabies prevention” knowing there is absolutely NO possibility of this pup being exposed to the disease. To my knowledge this State has NO LAWS protecting sick and elderly companion animals but many Counties are much more civilized than the one I reside in. The State does have a clause allowing for letters of exemption but the ONLY thing that does in this County is spare us from being fined for noncompliance. It offers no protection in the event of a bite/scratch incident even if it is a very minor injury that was inflicted accidentally. This county will not issue a dog tag unless the dog is vaccinated. Dogs must wear a county tag or remain confined in a kennel or structure at ALL times. It is illegal for me to walk my dog on leash in my own yard so he can piddle. That sounds like our local lawmakers are advocating animal abuse/neglect in my opinion. If he can’t go out in his yard to potty I’m sure exercise is illegal as well.  I urge you to check your state and local laws. If adequate provisions have not been made by your lawmakers to protect sick and elderly companion animals contact your State Legislators and ADVOCATE. Our furry family members rely on us to be their voices. 
12: Permission to post email address with Survey?:
Please Do

Contact your State Legislators and ADVOCATE for informed consent laws and MANDATORY adverse event reporting. If you are thinking “that could never happen to my dog, he’s as healthy as can be” THINK AGAIN. Even healthy pets can suffer fatal adverse drug reactions without warning.
Ginger, thank you so much for all you've done. I sat and cried while I typed my responses to your questions and I'm sure many others did the same. You have given me this wonderful opportunity to share my boys' tragedies with the world. It is my sincere hope this information will be helpful to someone out there who has or is struggling like I did in search of answers.

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


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