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There are a number of very good reasons to consider filing a state vet board complaint: even though it's "too late" for you: you will be doing a great public service - had someone else before you filed a complaint, you might not be reading this page!

According to:

No vet can prevent you from revealing their name or the name of their facility if...

You filed a formal complaint against the vet with the licensing board or other enforcement authority, regardless of the outcome

The vet was or is under investigation by the state licensing board

The information is a matter of public record. This includes disciplinary action, lawsuits filed, arrests, criminal records, property records, driving records, or any other personal or professional information that is public record.

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of and/or if you feel that your veterinarian 'missed the boat' with respect to diagnosing and/or treating your pet, you do have the option of filing a complaint with your particular State Veterinarian Board.  As far as I have been able to determine, and based upon my own personal experience in my situation, generally I believe that while each State has their own rules/regulations regarding veterinarian complaints, as far as I know NONE of them are 'open' to the public.  Chances are that if you do file a veterinarian complaint, you will never know how they reached their decisions, you will most likely not have access to any "proof" or "responses" the offending veterinarians provide to the state vet board either before or even after the state board decision on your case is made, as they all seem to conduct all of their business 'behind closed doors', despite the fact that they are funded by state taxpayer dollars and have an alleged mission statement of  "protecting the public".

LISTINGS for finding your State Vet Board:

Other good ways to locate your state vet board website include using the "" search engine.

BE AWARE before filing a Vet Board Complaint of the following items:

Before filing or deciding to file a state board veterinarian complaint, check our your particular state's website; read everything they provide and become thoroughly familiar with their particular procedures and requirements before moving forward.  Find out what their particular 'statutes of limitations' might be and most importantly, determine [most likely by researching your own state's laws] the scope of their 'authority' in order to be prepared to emotionally cope with any 'disciplinary' actions that might result for a successful complaint. [it's pathetic to say the least!]

Explore your state's website thoroughly, as many of them may also provide each listed state's veterinary licensing requirements as well, and many of the individual state vet boards provide you with the ability to search and/or "look up" the veterinarian's "track record" as to any previous complaints filed and decided upon, BUT be aware that just because you don't see or find a complaint history, don't assume that the veterinarian is necessarily a "good" one - a very SMALL percentage of folks with legitimate complaints actually file complaints, primarily because the "deck" is so "stacked against them"!  For example: ROMI's trusted veterinarian had/has been practicing since 1965, nearly 40 years, with a 'clean record' as far as the Vet Board records were/are concerned AND he'd claimed to me that he'd used RIMADYL "a lot" and "never had any reactions" - it scares the DICKENS out of me to even contemplate how MANY other dogs may have died 'in his care' because of his DENIALS regarding RIMADYL's known toxicity! 

I don't know about other state's disciplinary processes, but in MY instance IF the vet board ultimately finds the "guilty parties" GUILTY of my allegations, the most severe form of "accountability" will be a note on their record [which will help to warn others] and the guilty parties MIGHT be required to attend a "continuing education" seminar that could deal with the area(s) in which they were found totally lacking, but as far as I've been able to determine there are NO seminars that deal with either 'ethics', "common decency" or 'common sense'.  It would appear that none of these subjects are taught in veterinary schools, nor are they considered requirements for state licensing, either. 

The state vet board does not deal with any financial recovery for the 'victim' or any 'pet replacement' aspects and generally any 'fines' that might be assessed against the veterinarian go to the state to cover their costs for investigations, etc. rather than to the pet owner.

Recently, there was a California case decided by the state vet board in which the bulk of the 'fines' against the veterinarian were actually given to the damaged pet owner, but it was an extremely unusual decision for any vet board to make.  See: are a tremendous amount of cases filed against "All Care" facilities at that website, but please take note that they are still 'doing business'!

Your very FIRST STEP before even considering filing a state vet board complaint (or ANY complaint) should be getting ALL of your pet's medical records, getting EVERYTHING from EVERYONE who's EVER seen your pet, no matter for what reason.  Some veterinarians may try to palm off on you a 'summary sheet', as mine tried to do, which does not give the in-depth information that you need.  Generally, a veterinarian usually keeps his/her x-rays, if any were taken, but you can demand that you be provided with a copy of the written x-ray results and find out what they would charge you for a COPY of the x-rays, if you feel and/or learn that the x-rays themselves are applicable/relevant to your particular case.  In my own case, I did not demand a copy of the x-rays themselves, but I did demand a written interpretation/reading of same; they have refused to provide anything regarding the "alleged" x-rays, and I can only conclude now, that it's more likely than not that I was charged for x-rays, but that none were actually taken.

Once you have your pet's full medical records 'in hand', take time to go over each and every item, make notes, look up words and terms that are written and 'translate' them into 'layman terms' so that you can understand the veterinarian notes.  A good source for veterinary terminology as well as information regarding diseases, treatments, etc. is the Merck Veterinary Manual which is on-line at: don't have to be contemplating filing a veterinarian complaint or a lawsuit to get a LOT of value out of this important resource!  The more you know and understand about your pet's health, about symptoms, diseases and treatments in general, the better position you'll be in to monitor not only the welfare of your pet, but to monitor the veterinarian and be able to ask the 'right' questions and if you're not satisfied with the answers you get it will be a big CLUE whether that's the right vet for your pet or not.  There may be a very common sense reason why the veterinary business, like the medical and legal businesses, are referred to as "practices" - way too many folks haven't gotten it 'right' yet and are just "practicing' at your expense!

IF you determine that it's appropriate for you to file a veterinarian complaint, a great resource to educate yourself with BEFORE filing is at:  This website will provide you with valuable information as to whether or not filing a complaint is potentially appropriate given your unique circumstances. 

Other resources regarding veterinarian practice are: [this is for Australia but has some valuable general information];;;;;;

and you can always use your browser to research for more specific issues.

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