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You may also want to consider filing a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau as I did [details on the Better Business Bureau page].  As you can see from the page entitled "Better Business Bureau", the BBB wasn't at all effective in my particular case in the USUAL sense and then having closed the matter as 'resolved' when NO resolution took place, they then provided the Hammond/Five Corners Veterinary Hospital group with a 'satisfactory rating', certainly not something that "I" would be able to consider and/or classify as a RELIABLE 'reliability report'.  BUT, it really was an interesting and extremely productive experience for ME, as the Hammond/Five Corners group provided an absolute wealth of false, contradictory, misleading, self serving and 'revealing' statements, all of which have now been provided to the WA Vet Board for review along with the rest of the complaint and exhibits.

There's no doubt that the Internet provides an incredibly powerful tool to LEARN/EDUCATE yourself on items of interest/concern, but it ALSO provides an opportunity to share your experiences and to HELP WARN OTHERS - USE IT!,
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Author Topic:   WARNING: canine veterinary drugs
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PLEASE do NOT give your dog ANY veterinarian prescribed/dispensed canine drug BEFORE you've fully checked it out on the Internet so that you ARE making a wise and INFORMED life/health choice!

My sole friend/companion Rottweiler, ROMI, DIED an agonizing death after being given Pfizer's RIMADYL for "a touch of arthritis" by her "trusted veterinarian". When ROMI began having symptoms, I called the vet and he DENIED that there were ANY risks/side effects associated with RIMADYL. I then got on the Internet to find out about RIMADYL, which turns out to be a canine NSAID [non steroid anti inflammatory drug] just like VIOXX and CELEBREX for people.

I STOPPED giving ROMI the RIMADYL and called the vet [again] to tell him about the Internet information. He claimed the Internet information wasn't true even though some of the information was posted on Pfizer's own website and the vet said that I should continue to give her the RIMADYL - I REFUSED, but it was too late, the damage was already done after just 6 days of RIMADYL chewable tablets and she died a horrific and agonizing death.

I filed a complaint with the Washington State Veterinary Board and am presently waiting to be notified by them of their decision(s), which they make "behind closed doors" as to whether or not the veterinarian will be held "accountable" in any way for what he did.

You may read the full true and complete story at my website: which is devoted to warning others of RIMADYL and some of the other dangerous drugs/vaccines that veterinarians routinely prescribe/dispense without ANY warnings or information given to pet owners about the potential deadly risks/side effects.

Ginger Sanchez


is the SQUEAKY WHEEL:  -

On what would have been ROMI's 8th Birthday, 10/29/04, I mailed them a check for $5.00 -

Dead dog held HOSTAGE to cover up TRUE cause of death.

On 4/13/04 my dog was inappropriately prescribed/dispensed Pfizer's drug RIMADYL by DVM Williams/Burien Vet Clinic, who claimed the drug was 'totally safe' for her. She had a massive adverse reaction to RIMADYL and I took her to DVM Hammond/Five Corners Emergency Clinic on 4/24/04 in an attempt to save her life, where she was put to sleep 12 hours later. I requested and paid $1100.00 for a necropsy [dog autopsy]to determine the cause of her death, which Five Corners arranged for with PHOENIX CENTRAL LAB/DVM MURNANE. DVM Hammond had claimed to me that she 'died of old age/natural causes', and DVM MURNANE/PHOENIX CENTRAL LAB refused to discuss the necropsy results with me despite DVM Hammond allegedly calling them later to authorize same. I sent a demand letter to MURNANE/PHOENIX LAB stating I wanted her "bits and pieces/frozen carcass" preserved and then released so that I could arrange for a 2nd necropsy and DNA IDENTIFICATION of her remains. I was told by some person named Linda Jewett that I needed to have a court order. MURNANE/PHOENIX LAB/Jewett has REFUSED to confirm the status of her "remains", no doubt to cover up on behalf of The 'guilty parties" and continues to hold my dead dog HOSTAGE although I do not owe anyone any money.

UPDATE: THANKS to "The SQUEAKY WHEEL", I have now been offered to either pick up ROMI's frozen body ONLY or cremation which, of course, would ELIMINATE any possibility of a 2nd necropsy and DNA Identification.

Phoenix Central Laboratory has just been sent an e-mail message letting them know that you have seen this page.


each time someone "clicks" on the below website address, another anonymous copy of the complaint is sent to Phoenix Central Lab:

Thanks very much for your support.
Ginger Sanchez


I really appreciate all the support of the "clickers" and I am very grateful to the Squeaky Wheel for allowing me to have an in spirit funeral for ROMI at the extremely reasonable cost of only $5.00; services will continue until 10/29/05.

Each time someone visits this page, a copy of the "complaint" is sent anonymously to Phoenix Central Laboratory.  I also want to thank those folks who took the time and effort to e-mail directly to the Phoenix Central Lab staff at  to let them know what they think of this situation.

What I didn't know, and had no reason to know, was that there are NO laws/regulations and/or controls regarding "doggy remains" other than those invented by the individual companies who charge for these services.

First they killed you; then they cut you up into pieces; now they're hiding all the bits and pieces - ROMI, you and I answer to a "higher power", just as they will have to.

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


                  [what's in YOUR "urn" ?]

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