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As you can see from the photo provided, HERCULES was a magnificent canine whose life was needlessly/senselessly snuffed out by RIMADYL in South Africa.


My beloved hercules
Born 10 February 1996
Died 09 March 2006 15:21

Hercules was the most remarkable child I have ever had, he remains in my heart, there will never be a day that goes by that I will not miss him dearly, his death was both of complete negligence and total misinformation of this poison that vet call Rimadyl.

Hercules was a 'Boerboel' A South African bred dog, weighing in at 52kg with the looks of a killer but the heart of a puppy.  He always wanted attention and he always got it, he wanting in when it rained or when he was cold and a dog that size is not easy to have in your home, he slept at my dads side and when my dad passed he slept at my side.

The events leading to his death is a sad sad story...
He had hurt his leg while trying to climb into my moms car for a nap, the vet simply stated that his leg is broken and it was better to put him down, my mom resisted and requested a xray which revealed BRUISED bone, nothing else.  He never cried in pain nor was he aggresive for being in pain.  So the vet stuck him with a couple of needles and gave the poison Rimadyl 14x100mg tablets to be taken twice a day and sent my mom a fat account.

(1) He NEVER did a blood test
(2) He NEVER took pulse, listen to heartbeat
(3) He NEVER asked ANY questions relating to ANYTHING else for Hercules
    We have him on record for many previous visits
(4) He NEVER told my mom ANY side effects, what to watch out for etc. for this

Once Hercules got home the treatment started and by day 2 all he did was lay there, day three we had to force feed, day four the crying in pain started and we had to force water, day five more pain and he stopped eating completely, day 6 I called the vet and all he had to say was that I should NOT forget to give him his Rimadyl twice a day, day 7 he was just bones and had no energy whatsoever and the crying in pain got worse, day 8 he was completely out I forced water which he drank and called the vet again of which he told me that Hercules had 'cat fever' I am no dummy and can tell the signs of cat fever of which he DID NOT HAVE, blood started coming out along with allot of pain, my other dogs stood by him and cried with me I was helpless, then he died.

The vet was contacted and he couldnt care less, this is South Africa so the vet is only available from 5pm to 6pm, and if he kills your dog then that is just too bad.  He still has nothing to say about Rimadyl and after emailing him the facts I have collected it seems to me he doesnt have a clue.

I blame Rimadyl and I blame the vet

I love my dog so much he is more than a child to me and now he is dead for the stupidest reasons for a drug that kills so many animals and yet its still out there killing more and hurting more people.

Petros Savvas
South Africa

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


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