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If you have arrived at this site because you've either "lost" or had damage done to a beloved pet due to any combination of veterinary malpractice, negligence, indifference and/or the inappropriate/irresponsible use of the dangerous/deadly drugs that are "approved" by the FDA/CVM and marketed for profit by the drug industry, I am very sorry to have to "welcome" you here. 

Hopefully, you are here to learn how to prevent such a needless and senseless tragedy before it's too late!

The music for this page is "GYPSY SOUL" for ROMI, my "wild child" and sole/soul companion.  With Pfizer's drug RIMADYL, Romi's life was needlessly, senselessly and horrifically snuffed out by the veterinarian "care" she received and then her frozen carcass with all of her bits and pieces became "unavailable" for a second necropsy and DNA identification after an alleged necropsy took place.  ROMI's body was destroyed but her spirit will never be eliminated.

While you're here, you'll find information and/or insights of use and value to you and I strongly urge you to do your own research and thinking and then form your own conclusions - your beloved pet's very LIFE depends on it.  The content "tone" of this site is based strictly upon my own personal and true experiences, and as such is filled with my own opinions, views, perceptions, etc., and is in no manner represented as any sort of "advice" and/or "recommendation" to anyone.  I am not qualified to give any advise in any area, not medical, not legal, not business; I only operate from a "common sense" perspective.  This website has been, and continues to be put together for the sole purpose of providing information and links to information for pet owners - there is no "profit" involved whatsoever, no "sponsors" of any ilk, and absolutely no "agenda" is being offered, other than the hope that you will not only gain some much needed information and assistance for further research links from your visit, but that you will also "pay it forward" by sharing it with others.

For those folks with any other "agendas", such as veterinarians, those hired by and/or affiliated with the drug industry, the "fake" consumer assistance/protection entities, politicians,  any government employees and/or entities, along with the attorneys/legal counsel to any of the above-listed, you are welcome to visit but only to the degree that it is hoped that you will develop a conscience and/or a code of ethics and a sense of decency once you've had the opportunity to see just how much needless death, damage, grief and suffering you have done and are continuing to do to both pets and people in the name of "profit". 

Please consider getting and having a life filled with love instead of taking and damaging the lives of others just to make a "buck" as being your highest priority.

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