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The following is an open letter and a plea to any attorney/law firm with sufficient resources and ethics to consider filing a class action lawsuit on behalf of the Rimadyl victims.

I am writing this open letter to request that you review, evaluate and consider the filing of a class action lawsuit against Pfizer on behalf of my self and others of like/similar position with respect to Pfizer's 'business practices' regarding their veterinary/canine drug "Rimadyl" and the horrific death and damage it's caused, and continues to cause, to many beloved pets and their owners.   

I realize that "Animal Law" per se is not considered a 'money maker' type of case, but there can be no doubt that there's a clear and definite 'pattern' as to how Pfizer and the FDA operate or the grievous damage that they have caused and continue to cause and they should be held accountable/responsible for same.

I am looking for an attorney/law firm that can do the following as it is my belief that to really do the case 'justice', it would require that the law firm have:

If you have a passion for real justice, a love of the concepts of law, a sense of fair play and an interest in making a positive difference please take a look at this potential class-action case, and feel free to e-mail me for any additional information that you might need from me.  Thank you.


Ginger Sanchez  -  e-Mail [ONLY]:

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


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