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Dedicated to my best friend with the hope others can save their beloved canine companions from a needless and horrific death.

WHY Doen't Pfizer STOP killing our pets for PROFIT?

Before you take on the guilt along with the grief from losing a beloved pet after administration of RIMADYL, please read this so that you will understand what happened and who are really all the 'guilty' parties.

This website is dedicated to my sole and soul friend/companion Rottweiler, ROMI, whose horrific, needless and untimely death on 4/25/04 occurred following the inappropriate and casual prescribing/dispensing of Pfizer's drug RIMADYL by her trusted veterinarian.

Please LEARN from your Visit -

It could save your pet's LIFE!

Support Group: [not working 4/08/05
 -WORKING: 10/11/05] 
[great site for ongoing little-known veterinary CAUSED infection information] 
[Rottweiler Rescue Group in Washington State]
[continuously updated regarding pet health vs. FDA/CMV]
[ongoing proactive information and legislation]
[great site for both German Shepherd issues and vacinnation reactions]
[general pet information including 'raw feeding']
[dedicated to public awareness of the pet/human bond]
[graphic photos of vaccination damage]
[the first site to provide information on RIMADYL's deadly effects]
[holistic veterniarian care information/options]
[great site for what veterinarians get away with]
[a proactive site for improving veterinarian standards through legislation]



October 29, 1996 - April 25, 2004


As a Senior Citizen, Romi was my sole friend and companion dog ... my partner died a horrific and cruel death - she was KILLED due to the greed of the drug industry and the lack of ethics in the veterinarian community!

On April 13, 2004, I took my beloved Rottweiler "partner", ROMI,  into her trusted veterinarian, Lawrence Williams of the Burien Veterinary Hospital [a suburb of Seattle, Washington]  to have her toenails clipped and get her required vaccination shots in response to a reminder card sent by his office. 

Little did I know, suspect or would ever have guessed the chain of events that would get put into motion that day.  To watch my 'partner' die a horrific and needless death was only the beginning.

Please read this FORWARD page before proceeding.

the AFTERMATH - personal information & links on how to cope with the aftermath - the "meltdown" of my SOUL.
PET DEATH/DAMAGE caused by Vaccination - the 'domino effect' and what you NEED TO KNOW!

SUNNY -  Love story celebrating the human/canine bond.
TARA - Open Letter to Pfizer and appealing to GOD to cope with the aftermath of Rimadyl.

SAMMIE - A beautiful and loving Collie whose life was snuffed out by Rimadyl in NORWAY

 HERCULES - A magnificent and loving canine whose life was snuffed out by Rimadyl in South Africa

KERRY - A cruel and needless death in the UK

DELI - The heart wrenching story of a profound love, needless loss and the emotional aftermath with more information at: 



online PETITIONs

Veterinarians should be accountable for the death & damage they directly and knowingly cause to pets - please sign !
YAK: Youth against killing PETITION The President & the U.S. Department of Education could be promoting "the sancity of Life".
The AMVA- Unmasked - aka: the good ole boys club
A CLASS ACT  an ongoing tribute to DR. GRAHAM and his one-man efforts to warn the public about deadly FDA "approved" drugs.       
ADE MEMORIALS - Page #1                                   



 ADVERSE DRUG REACTION REPORTS -  page 1, includes blank Informational Survey form if you would like to post to this site.

ADVERSE DRUG REACTION REPORTS -  page 2, includes blank Informational Survey form if you would like to post to this site.

ADVERSE D.RUG & vaccination REACTION Reports -  page 3, includes blank Informational Survey form if you would like to post to this site.

 ADVERTISING vs. YOUR LIFE/HEALTH -   Who do YOU believe ?

ANIMAL HEALTH & NUTRITION - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 
      FORWARD: True storyan overview of the many-   
      sided and complex issues of pet health
   BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS - Assorted and sordid information
   NUTRITION INFO -   SO, what's REALLY in Pet Food?  
     SPAY & NEUTER INFO - What your vet won't tell you.                                     
   VACCINATION update-10/04/05                          
  the MYTHS about Titer Testing  -  what you are paying for and what you get 
  introduction - The "alleged" Vaccination Controversy                                                                                
  VACCINE REPORT - Report of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccine Task Force: 2003 - there is absolutely NO excuse for veterinarian ignorance.        
        vaccinations 101: -   What your veterinarian WON'T tell you but you NEED to know if you want to keep your pet ALIVE and WELL!    5/13/08 Vet's Vaccination HOAX finally being exposed in the Media                                            
         mikey's page - A true survival story that you can learn a lot from.                    
         Vaccination Action - WHY vaccinate ?
         mandatory vaccinations - The Big Picture                                
             vaccine petition -  PLEASE read and sign: the life you save may be your OWN or that of a loved one!   
       VACCINATION LEGISLATION - from the State of MAINE

 ANIMAL LAW - Court/Litigation & Attorneys  

 ANIMAL LAW - Other [legal] Options  

 animal law - State Vet Boards  

 ANIMAL LAW - Page #2, General Information & Links

 ANIMAL LAW NEWS - Legislation taking place around the country, listed by states.

  ANIMAL (and other alleged) PROTECTION AGENCIES -  Who they are, what they do and don't do for COMPANION animals' welfare & other "great humanitarian" efforts. 


 BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU - Personal experience story and reliability report value information for consumer "protection". 

BIG PHARMA - Finally - an explanation for the deaths and health damage to your loved ones that makes sense!

 DEARLY DEPARTED - A Look at grief options. 

DIRTY LAUNDRY - An attempt to keep up with the FDA scandals responsible for killing/damaging both people and pets. 

VERY DIRTY LAUNDRY - The Bottom Line: it's your death sentence!  

 DRUG NEWS - Page #1, Items regarding the drug industry      

 DRUG NEWS - Page #2, Items regarding the drug industry - NOTE: See Article #27 for the recently filed ProHeart 6 lawsuit and link to be included

 DRUG NEWS -  Page #3, Items regarding the drug industry     

 ETHICS -  The truth about vaccinations - for both pets & people 

 fun & games -  "The "Big Picture", an overview 

 FDA - "User Fees: & other conflicts of interests

 KARMA & COPING - [WARNING: graphic intense file is NOT for everyone, page #1

 KARMA & COPING -  WARNING: graphic intense file is NOT for everyone, page #2

 pfizer/rimadyl class action suit & settlement - Dedicated to Jean Townsend & her beloved GEORGE

RIMADYL - is being recycled as a "generic" drug - BUYER BEWARE: your pet's life depends on your vigilance! New name: "Novox"

 rimadyl information - Pfizer's version of "disclosure". 

 rimadyl information -  The fuller version of the TRUTH from the FDA

rimadyl information -  The History behind Rimadyl - apparently drugs get "recycled" back and forth for "marketing" between pets and people in order to assure that the drug industry doesn't "lose" any money, only lives.           
 RIMADYL & NSAIDs -  News, Articles & Information (currently under construction, just "peek")
  nsaid lab tests -
    Allegedly Predicting Deadly Disasters via testing and an open invitation for qualified "experts" to contribute factual information as to SPECIFIC tests and results, if they have any.
So far, the SILENCE has been deafening!             
      CANYON's Story - 
       A needless/senseless and cruel death  
         what your vet WON'T tell you can KILL your pet!                                                                     
         DERAMAXX - The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions  
         ETOGESIC - The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions  
         METACAM -  The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions 
            PREVICOX -  There was NO FDA/CVM listing, so only informational links are provided 
          RIMADYL -  The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions 
            ZUBRIN -     The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions 
       PRIMOR -  An antibiotic: The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions   
               PROHEART 6 - The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions 
               REVOLUTION -  The WHOLE TRUTH per the FDA/CVM's listing of symptoms/conditions            
Information on the infection risks to pets from "dirty" vet/vet tech practices, which cross the barriers from people to pets, and the prevention of same.  This page is dedicated to BELLA.
  NSAIDs & the AMVA - NOW that it can no longer be ignored/covered up as it has been since 1997.                                                                                          
ROCKET SCIENCE - as the death toll continues for pets and people.
romi's memorial page

 secrets - Articles on just some of the damage "secrets" cause.

 "VET TAILS" - Readers are invited to add their "tall tales" as told to them by their "trusted" veterinarians here.

 "VET TECH TALES" - Stories/information provided by veterinarian personnel who DO have a conscience

 vets & vet boards - One person can make a difference!   Item: 5/30/05

 vEts & other state medical boards - continues 

VIEWPOINTS - The first step to fixing any problem is to accurately identify it

WA State Vet Board, Page 1
WA State Vet Board, Page 2
WA State Vet Board, Page 3

  whistle blowers -Information & Open Invitation for those with both information AND a conscience/ethics. 

May my beloved partner ROMI rest in peace  - no matter wherever her bits and pieces/frozen carcass may be held hostage.


                  [what's in YOUR "urn" ?]

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